Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) granted tenure effective May 1 to six BNL scientists: Wolfram Fischer, Collider-Accelerator Department; Frithjof Karsch, Physics Department; Lisa Miller, National Synchrotron Light Source Department; Peter Steinberg, Chemistry Department; Daniel van der Lelie, Biology Department; and Vitaly Yakimenko, Physics. A description of the accomplishments of each of the six will appear in forthcoming issues of @brookhaven TODAY, starting this week with Wolfram Fischer.

Wolfram Fischer Awarded Tenure

August 24, 2006

Wolfram Fischer of the Collider-Accelerator Department (C-A) was recommended for tenure for his outstanding and creative contributions to the use of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) facility, important to BNL and to the nuclear physics community at large, as well as for his significant contributions to the accelerator physics of high-energy accelerators and colliders.

With a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Hamburg, Germany, Fischer joined BNL in December 1995 as a research associate in the RHIC accelerator physics section. In 1997 he left to work in industry for a year, returning in 1998. His many unique contributions to RHIC’s stellar performance earned him promotion to associate physicist in 2000 and physicist in 2003, and he was made run coordinator for the 2004 “gold-gold” run, when two beams of gold ions were collided together in RHIC to provide the interactions that allowed the four RHIC experiments to reveal the hot dense matter thought to exist at the very first stage of the early universe.

Said Derek Lowenstein, C-A Chair, “Wolfram is an accomplished accelerator physicist who analyzes problems with rigorous logic and develops creative solutions to key collider performance limitations. His solid understanding of beam physics and technical machine properties, combined with his leadership talent, led to a record- breaking gold-gold run in RHIC that exceeded all expectations in both peak and average luminosity. His performance has been recognized as spectacular by both the accelerator community and the detector collaborations. He has made outstanding contributions to the productive operation of RHIC and to the understanding of critical beam physics problems.”

— Liz Seubert

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