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January, 2009


The BM2 magnet was connected to the BM4 PS. Meanwhile, BM2 power has been fixed. According to Leonard, knowing the BLIP beam energy is important. Therefore, a job request to switch back to BM2 has been placed (Paul S.). Checking BM4 PS at the first opportunity is highly desirable (it might have the same problem as BM2).

RHIC access re-certification lockout ("rollout") is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 16th. It will be done in two sessions: 4:00-9:00 am and 4:30 - 9:00 pm.


Linac startup was delayed. There were a few problems with delivering high power beam to BLIP:

December, 2008


RHIC startup schedule milestones have been shows at the Time meeting today, added to the scheduling physicist webpage. The schedule milestones also have been reported at several management meeting in November.

November, 2008


BtA/AGS studies are wrapping up tonight. Processed data / results are still to see. NSRL running without major interruptions. Because there will be only NSRL running beginning from today, there will be no regular time meetings beginning from today.

BLIP wants to start operations on 5 Jan as scheduled. First beam to Booster on Jan. 10-12 (3.5 weeks before the Blue ring is cold).

Mei has sent preliminary Run 9 pp 500 GeV Start-up plan. We are waiting for detector planning meetings to start discussing the schedule. The first meeting is planned on 11/18/08. 

October, 2008


Vladimir L. suggested to move the experiment approval committee meeting from Friday to Wednesday. This will clarify the experiment status earlier and let PS group personnel to prepare for turning on AGS.

Follow-up: AGS studies have been approved. Thus, 2 weeks of BtA + 1 week of AGS studies 


K. Brown:  BtA studiers meet each day in the MCR conference room at 4pm. We (and NSRL) plan to be running with a 2.5 sec rep rate for protons. Dana has given us a proton limit and Nick K. has put together a beam counter to keep us on track. Activity was limited to just going to DH2&3 (kept off) and cannot exceed 1e14 dumped beam in DH2&3 to keep dirt/water activation under control. Originally, it was thought Siemems would be available and we would primarily dump at either Booster injection or into J10. The evening work consisted of working on having beam on Booster U4 (for BtA studies) ppm with beam on U2 (for NSRL).  Check off lists were completed by 7 pm.


The AEAC Committee met to discuss content of the proposed BtA and AGS studies. Kevin Brown discussed goals (understanding/fixing of model in BtA,measure/correction of mismatch BtA/AGS) and the detailed plans. The Committee unanimously endorsed the 2 weeks of BtA studies. The additional week of AGS studies is conditional to preliminary results from BtA studies. The committee will meet for 2-3 weeks to review progress.

10/09/08: The journal has been created.