FY21  Collider-Accelerator Schedule
Scheduling Physicist: Robert Pak
AD - Bldg: 911B - Rm A-239  e-mail: pak@bnl.gov Phone: work: (631) 344-4380  CELL: 631-922-2660 
Projected end date: July 12th

SCHEDULING MEETING (Meeting minutes will be sent to a distribution list)

      Every Monday (3:00 p.m. - MCR)          

TIME MEETING Webpage:       
     Every Tuesday
(1:30 p.m. - Snyder)


Scheduling Physicist Archive
FY20 (R. Pak)
    FY19 (R. Pak)
    FY18 (B. Christie)
    FY17 (B. Christie)
    FY16 (B. Christie)
    FY15 (P. Pile / Y. Makdisi)
    FY14 (Chuyu Liu)
    FY13 (Andrei Poblaguev)
    FY12 (Francois Meot)
    FY11 (Alexei Fedotov)
    FY10 (Guillaume Robert-Demolaize)
    FY09 (Eduard Pozdeyev)


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