FY10 Collider-Accelerator Schedule
Scheduling Physicist: Guillaume Robert-Demolaize
Room: 911B 211  e-mail: grd@bnl.gov  Phone: work: (631)-344-8215  Pager: 4300

Important Messages:

Start up date for Run10 is pushed back to Tuesday, Dec. 1
Current plans: 27 weeks of cryo (see below), first Au beam in Blue @ 12/04/2009 late evening
12/31/2009, 23:56: RHIC in physics production mode
06/09/2010, 08:00: End of RHIC Run10

Time Meeting every week on Tuesdays, 1:30pm in Snyder Seminar Room (Bldg. 911)

11/02/2009: start of the 45K wave
11/17/2009: Au beam to top energy in AGS
12/01/2009: start of the 4.5K wave + RHIC tunnel is ODH1
12/04/2009: Blue and Yellow rings at 4.5K
12/26/2009: both beams into collision @ 100 GeV with 93% ramp efficiency
03/18/2010: End of 200 GeV Run, setup for 62.4 GeV
03/19/2010: Start of 62.4 GeV physics program
04/08/2010: End of 62.4 GeV Run, setup for 39 GeV
04/22/2010: End of 39 GeV Run, setup for 7.7 GeV
05/27/2010: End of 7.7 GeV Run, setup for 11.5 GeV
06/07/2010: End of 11.5 GeV Run, resuming 5 GeV studies
06/09/2010: End of Run10, begin cryo warmup

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Current Run10 Schedule

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