Aug - Oct '19 Issue

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Collider-Accelerator Department

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Note from our Chair
Thomas Roser

I hope everybody had a great summer and could take a break. The accelerator operation, however, didn’t have much of a break: soon after the last RHIC run ended NSRL and also ATF started up again and the RHIC 45K cool down is also under way in preparation for the next RHIC run.


As far as funding is concerned we are not as lucky as last year when the Department of Energy had an approved budget in place before the fiscal year started. However, this was a once-in-a-lifetime event. For this fiscal year, which started on October 1st, the federal government is on a Continuing Resolution (CR) until November 20, meaning that last year’s budget numbers are used. It is most likely that the CR will be extended, maybe throughout the whole fiscal year. Even with a full-year CR we will be able to run a 24-week RHIC run.