Medical Isotope Research & Production (MIRP) Program (BLIP/RRPL)


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The primary mission of the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) Medical Isotope Research and Production Program is to prepare certain commercially unavailable radioisotopes to distribute to the nuclear medicine community and industry, and to perform research to develop new radioisotopes desired by nuclear medicine investigators. In conjunction with this mission, the group also performs irradiations for non-isotope applications, sells by-products and explores opportunities for new products and radioisotope applications as needed.

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  Cathy Sue Cutler, Director     Department Information:      
(631) 344-3873

Mark Davis,
(631) 344-2165

Caitlin Hoffman,
MIRP Program Administrative Support
(631) 344-7432
  Program Assistant, Caitlin Hoffman

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      Working Against Time: Designing & Synthesizing FDG for the First Human Studies in 1976 - Joanna S. Fowler [PPTX]          
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