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Tandem Pictures Available
We have just acquired a digital camera and have taken some pictures of the Tandem Facility that may be of interest. The camera has a 5 Megapixel sensor and the file sizes are quite large. We have shrunk the files to a manageable size by decreasing the image size and the color depth. The resulting files are several hundred KB and the quality is quite good. To take a look go to

Negative Ion Cookbook Available On The Web
Roy Middleton's 'Negative Ion Cookbook' is available on the web. It explains how to make negative ions of almost any element. To take a look at it go to Cookbook.

Downloads Available
A personal version of the LET Calculator Program, LET is available. The file is about 250K in length. Note: this is a new version.
The SEU Test Facility User Manual , in Windows Help File Format, and compressed for faster downloading is available. The file is about 800K in length.
You will need WinZip to unzip the downloaded files.

New Calendar Showing MP-6 and MP-7
A new calendar showing the availability of both MP-6 and MP7 is now available. When looking at the calendar, the 3 upper entries in each day cell are the 3 shifts of MP-6 and the lower 3 entries in each day cell are the 3 shifts of MP-7. You can go to the Calendar now and check it out.

A new combined calendar showing when the facility is available for SEU work is also available. You can go to the SEU Availability Calendar now and check it out.

Check Out Our Web Site
You can see our list of available ion species.
You can use our on-line LET Calculator to find LETs and Ranges of various ions in various targets at various energies.
You can use our web-based time request form to reserve time at our facility.

It is now necessary for users who are not US citizens to submit a completed Form IA-473 prior to arrival (90 days in some cases) at our facility. If you need any assistance in completing this form or have any questions about it, please contact us.

To obtain additional detail about SEU Facility improvements, click here.
If you have any questions, We have the answers. See our SEU FAQ page.
Check out our Lost & Found page to see what has been lost and found at the TVDG.

User Questionaire
The Tandem Facility User Questionaire is now available on-line. This is the form you need to complete and return to us at least a week prior to your run. You can print a copy for yourself if you don't have a blank one available. This questionnaire is also available in MS Word format or in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

By Popular Request
A short biography of Robert J. Van de Graaff is still available. This is a chronology of his life where you can learn something about the man who invented the electrostatic particle accelerator. This biography has been very popular and has received many 'hits'.

Go to TVDG Home Page
See the TVDG calendar for available beam time.
Use the Time Request fill-in form to reserve beam time.
Use the TVDG LET Calculator
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