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The 13th ICFA Beam Dynamics Mini-Workshop
Beam Induced Pressure Rise in Rings
Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY

December 9 - 12, 2003

NOTE: Copies of the presentations are being linked to the Program page. All talks will be posted in .pdf format, and Power Point if available. All data is preliminary and may not be used beyond this workshop.

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Scope of the Workshop:

Main sources of beam induced pressure rise include electron stimulated gas desorption, ion desorption, and beam loss/halo scraping. Beam induced pressure rise had limited beam intensity in CERN ISR and LEAR. Currently, it is a limiting factor in RHIC, AGS Booster, and GSI SIS. It is a relevant issue at SPS, LANL PSR, and B-factories. For projects under construction and planning, such as SNS, LHC, LEIR, GSI upgrade, and heavy ion inertial fusion, it is also of concern. In this workshop, the status of existing machines and various measurement results will be reported. Remedies to reduce secondary electron yield, electron and ion desorption rates, etc. will be discussed. These include beam scrubbing (both electron bombardment and ion sputtering), chamber coating and treatment, solenoid field, and beam bunch pattern.

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Organizing Committee:
M. Chanel, CERN
A. Chao, SLAC
W. Chou, FNAL
W. Fischer, BNL
B. Franzke, GSI
M.A. Furman, LBNL
K. Harkay, ANL
S. Henderson, ORNL
I. Hofmann, GSI
H.C. Hseuh, BNL
R. Macek, LANL
A. Molvik, LLNL
Y. Mori, KEK
T. Roser, BNL (Chair)
F. Ruggiero, CERN
J. Wei, BNL
S.Y. Zhang, BNL (Co-Chair)
F. Zimmermann, CERN
  Invited Talks:
F. Ruggiero - LHC Concerns
J. Wei - SNS Concerns
W. Fischer - RHIC Concerns
A. Molvik - HIF (Heavy Ion Fusion) Concerns
O. Boine-Frankenheim - GSI Upgrade
M. Chanel - LHC Heavy Ion Injectors
J.M. Jimenez - SPS Issues
R. Macek - PSR Issues
S.Y. Zhang - AGS Booster Issues
A. Kraemer - SIS Experiments
E. Mahner - LINAC3 Measurement Results
P. Chiggiato - NEG Coating
U. Wienands - PEP-II Vacuum Experience
Y. Suetsugu - KEKB Observations
E. Mustafin - Vacuum Instability
P. Limon - VLHC concerns
M. Furman - EC formation and dissipation

Working Groups:
  1. Electron and ion desorption (Leader Edgar Mahner)
  2. Chamber coating and treatment (Leader H.C. Hseuh)
  3. Electron cloud effect (Leader Robert Macek)
T. Roser
S.Y. Zhang
  Workshop Secretary:
Mary Campbell
Tel: 631-344-4776
Fax: 631-344-5954

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