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The 35th International Free-Electron Laser Conference, organized by Brookhaven National Laboratory, will take place from Sunday August 25 to Friday August 30, 2013 in Marriott New York Marquis Hotel, Manhattan, New York. The conference sessions will be held from Monday to Thursday, with the last day of the conference dedicated for a day-long tour to Brookhaven National Laboratory and Long Island.

We invite you to participate in this FEL2013 conference with focus on the scientific, technological, and user aspects of free-electron lasers. The Scientific Program of the conference will consist of invited talks and contributed presentations, either in the form of oral presentations or posters.

Preliminary list of sessions:

  • FEL prize talks
  • New Lasing short talks
  • FEL Theory
  • Beam Physics for FEL
  • Short Wavelength FELs
  • Long Wavelength FELs
  • Seeding & Harmonics
  • FEL Technology I: Guns, Injectors, Accelerators
  • FEL Technology II: Timing, Stability, Optics
  • FEL Technology III: Undulators, Beamlines, Beam Diagnostics
  • Novel concepts
  • Applications of FELs

Important notice:
If you need an US visa - See official Department of State website - we encourage you to apply for visa as early as possible. We will be glad to send you an official invitation letter for the FEL 2013 - please email a request to the conference coordinator at!

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