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Quote of the Month: "The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge." - Thomas Berger

 NT. Roserote from our Chair: Thomas Roser

We are still funded on a Continuing Resolution until December 11 but the recent two-year budget agreement that adds 5% to this year's discretionary budget cap makes it more likely that a federal budget for FY16 will be adopted. In that case we will likely be able to run RHIC this year for the planned 22 weeks.


 In preparation of the RHIC run the 56 MHz SRF storage cavity has been equipped with a new higher order mode damper. The cavity is being cold tested right now. Also, the installation of the 20 MeV electron accelerator and the permanent magnet undulators for the Coherent electron Cooling test is progressing well in the new 2 o'clock interaction region.


The installation of the Low Energy RHIC electron Cooling system is starting with the cooling section in the 1 o'clock warm straight sections. This project is progressing well and the team just successfully passed a cost and schedule review. Congratulations to all! 



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*Conferences should be projected through december 2015

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Check out who received an employee Service Award this year!  Collider-Accelerator Dept. employees who received a Service Award.

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The holidays are fast approaching and the United Way Yankee Candle Fundraiser is a great way to help those in need.

Please show your support for this great cause!







 C-AD is hosting a bake sale to raise funds for the United Way! Consider participating in this worthy cause! 











                                         Comet C/2014 S2 Pannstars, photographed by Steve Bellavia.




"Spiral galaxy, M74 (NGC 628), in the constellation Pisces is 32 million light years away. This galaxy is home to about 100 billion stars." -Steve Bellavia










November 18 -
(Berkner Hall | 10a-2p) Books Are Fun Book Fair

November 19
- (Bldg. 510 - Large Seminar Room | 4:30 pm) Brookhaven Women in Science (BWS) Event

November 23 - (Bldg. 911B - Room A202 | 4 pm) C-AD Accelerator Physics Seminar
November 26 - Lab Holiday: Thanksgiving Day

November 27 - Lab Holiday: Day After Thanksgiving

December 2 - (Bldg. 317 | 10 am) Hospitality Coffee & Playgroup Event

December 2 - (Berkner Hall - Room B | 12 pm) Foundation for Personal Financial Education

December 2 & 9 - (Berkner Hall - Lower Lobby | 11:30 am - 1:30 pm) United Way Yankee Candle Fundraiser

December 8 - (Bldg. 911 - Lobby | 9 am - 12 pm) United Way C-AD Bake Sale

December 10 - (Brookhaven Center | 9:30 pm) Blood Drive

Do you have to give a talk?

Public Speaking Techniques: Verbal & Non-verbal

Presented by: Theodore Sampieri

 12:00 – 1:00 Fridays

CAD Bldg. 911

Large Conference Room: 2nd Floor

In other news...
Neutrinos Change Their Flavor and Snag Another Nobel Prize
Early this morning the world learned that the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald for discovering that neutrinos can change from one type to another. Read more.

World's largest atom smashers create world's smallest droplets
How long can a droplet shrink and remain a liquid? Read more.

Ion collider produces droplets of primordial goo
The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider just spit out tiny droplets of a liquid researchers say resembles the seeds of the cosmos, primordial goo created by the Big Bang, which existed on briefly before cooling the matter that helped birth stars, galaxies and planets. Read more.

Brookhaven National Laboratory projects are up for awards
Four projects developed at BNL have been nominated as finalists for awards to be presented this year by a national magazine. Read more.

Scientists Create Primordial 'Perfect Liquid' in Lab
The BNL's Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider smashed together large nuclei at nearly the speed of light to recreate the fundamental particles in the primordial soup present during the earliest days of the universe. Read more.

World's most powerful digital camera being built by US Department of Energy
The US Department of Energy is building a digital camera that puts your camera to shame. Read more.

The last place left in America that's piecing together the origins of the universe
In the instant after the Big Bang, the only thing in the universe that existed was a hot plasma soup full of subatomic particles. But to study that plasma, you don't have to travel back in time billions of years to the Big Bang itself - just go to Long Island, NY.
Read more.

What's going on in our neighborhood?  day at the vineyards...


Interested in Cycling?


Interested in Running or Walking?


Massapequa Park Turkey Trot – Nov 21 (9 am) Brady Park, Massapequa Park

Seeds of Hope 5K/10K – Nov 22 (9 am) at Neville Park in Center Moriches


Smithtown Kickers Turkey Trot - Nov 26 (9 am) in Smithtown

Run Your Turkey Off Race – Nov 27 (9:30 am) in West Islip

...Check out the LI Running Calendar for more!



For the Kids:


Celebrate Black Friday - Nov 27 (12 - 4 pm) in Stony Brook Village

     * Free event includes Live Music, Petting Zoo, Balloon Animals, Celestial Singers, Wine Tastings, a holiday performance by Roseland School of Dance, and WALK Radio, as well as mega sales and specials in over 30 shops and restaurants! 



Stony Brook Events:


Strangers in the Night (Holiday Musical Theater Performance) – Nov 18 - Jan 10 at the Educational & Cultural Center


The Jazz Loft Presents The Warren Vache Trio Jazz Concert - Nov 28 (7 pm) at the Educational & Cultural Center


Celebrating Ol' Blue Eyes - Dec 12 (7 - 9:30pm) at the Educational & Cultural Center



Port Jefferson Events:


Skating on the Harbor with the RinxVillage Center – Nov 27 Mar 31 at PJ Village The Rinx

Santa Parade Main Street – Nov 28 at PJ Chamber

20th Annual Dickens Festival – Dec 4 - 6 in PJ Village


Homes of Harbor Hills - Lantern Light House Tour - Dec 12 at PJ Chamber





Check out Erik Forsyth's Travels:


Duckwalk North - SOUTHOLD - Music on Saturdays (4-6pm)


Castello di Borghese Vineyard & Winery - CUTCHOGUE - Vineyard Tours & Wine Tastings Every Thursday & Sunday at 1pm & FREE Jazz Every Saturday

(2-4p) with Marguerite Volonts


Jamesport Vineyards JAMESPORT -Live Music from 1-4pm every Fri, Sat & Sun


Martha Clara Vineyards - RIVERHEAD - Live Music every weekend


Palmer Vineyards - RIVERHEAD - Live Music every Sat (12-4).


Pindar Vineyards  - PECONIC  - Live Music Every Saturday (1-5pm)


Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard - BAITING HOLLOW - Music every Sat & Sun from (2-6)


Paumanok Vineyards - RIVERHEAD - Fresh, Local Oysters (2-5pm) every Sat & Sun starting Memorial Day through September