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Quote of the Month: "I have not failed. I've successfully discovered 10,000 things that won't work." - Thomas Edison

 NT. Roserote from our Chair: Thomas Roser

Summer has arrived and this means RHIC is in shutdown. The 2 o'clock interaction region will again be a very busy place this summer. Activities are already in full swing. The 704 MHz cryostat in IR 2 was already removed from the beam line and is being readied for shipment to Niowave and ANL to have the cavity cleaned. Installation of the equipment for the Low Energy RHIC electron Cooling (LEReC) also continues. The high intensity electron source of LEReC was constructed at Cornell University and is undergoing conditioning now. Later this summer it will be moved to BNL and IR2 where commissioning with beam will start.


Also, with Run-16 the PHENIX detector has completed its 16 year long, successful operation as one of the two major multi-purpose RHIC experiments and will be disassembled starting this summer. A new detector, sPHENIX, will take its place in the 8 o'clock interaction region after a 4-year long construction period. In the meantime, STAR will be the only RHIC detector. STAR is well suited for the upcoming RHIC runs, especially for the second, high luminosity low energy Beam Energy Scan planned for 2019 and 2020. 




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Check out who received an employee Service Award this year!  Collider-Accelerator Dept. employees who received a Service Award.

Check out who received an employee Spotlight Award this year!

Several C-AD employees were recognized this month for their distinguished contributions to Brookhaven Laboratory and were presented with the highest accolades given by Brookhaven to its employees at this year's 2016 Employee Awards Ceremony.




Masahiro Okamura was presented with the Science & Technology Award for the "design and constructions of a laser ion source that delivers many species of ions in rapid succession to the NASA Space Radiation Lab, while simultaneously sending intense, bright beams to the RHIC...the first that is stable enough to serve an operating user facility". Read more about Masahiro's contribution here.







Don Bruno was presented with the Engineering Award for significantly increasing the reliability of power supply systems for the RHIC through his engineering and managerial skills. Don has minimized machine downtime by systematically analyzing the cause of each power supply failure and improving methods to recover. Read more about Don's contribution here.


engineering group





Freddy Severino was also presented with the Engineering Award for playing a "pivotal role in the design of new low-level radio frequency systems for the accelerators in the C-AD. He has been instrumental in providing hardware, firmware, and software solutions - often under extremely tight time constraints." Read more about Freddy's contribution here.






Brookhaven Lab also recognized two distinguished scientists from C-AD who were granted tenure. Tenure appointments are granted by action of the BSA Board after a rigorous selection process overseen by the BSA Science and Technology Steering Committee. Congratulations to Haixin Huang and Michiko Minty on this great achievement!


Haixin was awarded tenure for his "achievements in the field of accelerator science - specifically for his leadership in preserving spin polarization through the Lab's chain of accelerators and for polarimetry improvements at the RHIC". Read more here.




Michiko Minty was awarded tenure for her "significant contributions in designing, constructing, and operating complex user facilities, as well as her contributions to knowledge related to the purposes of the field of accelerator science". Read more here.




Between an extremely successful RHIC Run and the prestigious awards granted department employees,  C-AD has already had an incredibly accomplished 2016! Congratulations to all!







Steve Bellavia is very proud of his daughter, Larissa, who on July 1st graduated from the Navy's Nuclear Power Training Unit!




Larissa in front of an F-14 that Steve once worked on at Grumman!


Congratulations to the whole Bellavia family!!

  July 19 - (Berkner Hall Auditorium | 1p) All-Employee Meeting

July 21 - (Bldg. 555, Hamilton Seminar Rm. | 9a) Get to Know the Lab       "Discovery Park Update"

July 24 - (Berkner Hall | 10a) Summer Sunday: Brilliant Light, Dazzling Discoveries
- Visit the National Synchrotron Light Source II, where scientists use intense beams of light to see the inner structure of batteries, proteins, space dust and more.

July 27 - (Berkner Hall, Rm. B | 12p) The Foundation for Personal Financial Education: "FPFE Financial Preparation for College Costs"

July 31 - (Berkner Hall | 10a) Summer Sunday: Atom-Smashing Fun -
Explore the RHIC, where particles are smashed together at near-light speed to reveal the secrets of our universe.

August 1 - (Bldg. 510, Large Seminar Rm. | 4p) Sambamurti Lecture "Electron-Positron Tomography Seeking Symmetry in the Quark-Gluon Plasma"

August 3 - (Berkner Hall Auditorium | 12p) BSA Noon Recital: Pianofest in the Hamptons

August 4 - (Bldg. 510, Physics Seminar Rm. | 9a) Coffee & Conversation


SNMMI's 63rd Annual Meeting Highlights History of FDG and Showcases New Research
More than 5,700 physicians, technologists, scientists and exhibitors gathered at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging's 2016 Annual Meeting, held June 11-15 in San Diego, CA. This year's meeting included a celebration of the 40th anniversary of FDG. Read more.

Local Scientists Take Home First Place Honors in BNL Science Fair
Budding young scientists filled the auditorium of the Suffolk County Legislature on Wednesday to educate Legislators on their outstanding projects that won first place accolades at the year's Brookhaven National Laboratory's Science Fair. Read more.

New Graphene-Glass Combo Powers "Spontaneous" Solar Cell
Brookhaven Does (Graphene) Windows. Apparently the Brookhaven solution to the graphene problem has been staring everybody in the face, ever since graphene was first discovered in 2004: ordinary glass window. Read more.

Research Teams Use DNA to Make 3-D Nanoparticle Structures with High Precision
DNA strands anchored to the surface of nanoparticles allow researchers to assemble the particles into three-dimensional crystalline lattices. Such control allows researchers to make new materials with desirable properties. Read more.

Farmingdale takes first in BNL High School Science Bowl
Farmingdale High School students have one contest down to a science. Read more.

New cathode material stops batteries turning crusty with age
Scientists at three US Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories have discovered how to keep a promising new type of lithium ion battery cathode from developing a crusty coating that degrades its performance. Read more.

RHIC Particle Smashups Find that Shape Matters
Scientists colliding football and sphere-shaped ions discover evidence supporting a paradigm shift in the birth of the quark-gluon plasma. Read more.

Two American Physics Labs Are Vying for a Billion Dollar Particle Accelerator
Two labs are vying for government funding to host a billion-dollar atom smasher, and the battle is getting political. Read more.

Neutrinos Change Their Flavor and Snag Another Nobel Prize
Early this morning the world learned that the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald for discovering that neutrinos can change from one type to another. Read more.

World's largest atom smashers create world's smallest droplets
How long can a droplet shrink and remain a liquid? Read more.

'Inflatable Dark Matter' Could Explain Why We See Less Than Many Theories Predict
Many wonderful theories that explain the evolution of the universe fail because they predict more dark matter than is actually out there. Now a new paper proposes one event in the early universe that would reduce the amount of dark matter in all the theories. Read more.

Ion collider produces droplets of primordial goo
The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider just spit out tiny droplets of a liquid researchers say resembles the seeds of the cosmos, primordial goo created by the Big Bang, which existed on briefly before cooling the matter that helped birth stars, galaxies and planets. Read more.

Brookhaven National Laboratory projects are up for awards
Four projects developed at BNL have been nominated as finalists for awards to be presented this year by a national magazine. Read more.

Scientists Create Primordial 'Perfect Liquid' in Lab
The BNL's Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider smashed together large nuclei at nearly the speed of light to recreate the fundamental particles in the primordial soup present during the earliest days of the universe. Read more.

World's most powerful digital camera being built by US Department of Energy
The US Department of Energy is building a digital camera that puts your camera to shame. Read more.

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Interested in Running or Walking?


Airborne 5K Run/Walk - July 23 in Sayville

State Parks Summer Run Series - Caumsett - July 25 at Hempstead Lake State Park

Long Beach Biathlon - July 31 at Long Beach

Marcum Workplace Challenge - July 26 at Jones Beach; Register by Tuesday, 7/19 online here.



...Check out the LI Running Calendar for more!



For the Kids:


Youth Programs - Port Jefferson Village Recreation Department presents a number of youth programs and summer camps your child can enjoy this summer. Find more information here.


Children's Shows - Daniel Greenwolf's Celtic Magic Show - Jul 28 (6:30p) at The Barn behind Village Hall    



Stony Brook Events:


Sunday Summer Concerts On The Village Green - FREE! - Every Sunday from July 10 - Aug 21 (7-9p) - 7/24: Tom Manuel & His All Stars, 7/31: Just Sixties!, 8/7: Jack's Waterfall, 8/14: Left Jab & 8/21: The Precisions


Culper Spy Day - Jul 23 (9-4p) Explore The Brewster House with a self-guided tour and experience a colonial cooking demonstration; explore The Thompson House with a visit to Dr. Thompson's Healing Garden, a collection of herbal remedies from Native American, African American and Colonial American cultures.


Motorcycles and the Open Road - Jul 9 - Sep 5 Unique motorcycles from across the decades are on exhibit at the Educational & Cultural Center with special events throughout; open 7 days a week.


It Take a Team to Build a Village Special Exhibit - May 21 - Sep 7 Experience the story of the reconstruction of Stony Brook Village in a Spring and Summer long exhibit on the building of the Stony Brook Village Center! On display will be historical documents, photos, original prints, sketches, memorabilia and more.


Performances at The Jazz Loft - Jun 3 - Jul 30 Check out upcoming performances in June by visiting their website's box office.


Discover Wetlands Cruise! - Take the pontoon boat "Discovery" on a 1.5 hour tour through an 88-acre wetlands preserve. A naturalist is onboard to describe the wildlife and flora that you'll see.



Port Jefferson Events:


Movies on the Harbor - Jul 19 at Harborfront Park (8p) - Jurassic World; Jul 26 - The Good Dinosaur


Sunset Concerts - Gene Casey and the Lone Sharks - Jul 20 at Harborfront Park (6:30p); Jul 27 - Caroline Doctorow Trio


Summer Harborside Concert Series - Cold Spring Harbor Band - Jul 21 at Harborfront Park (8p)

Farmers Market - Every Sunday through November (9a - 2p) at the Village Center. Purchase local produce, honey, bread and baked goods, seafood, international specialties, plants and flower bouquets.






Erik Forsyth recently presented at Nikola Tesla's 160th Birthday Celebration on July 10th at the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, the site of his last standing lab in Shoreham. The presentation was entitled, "Tesla's Patent for Long Distance Electric Power Transmission".


Check out Erik Forsyth's Travels:






Duckwalk North - SOUTHOLD - Music on Saturdays (4-6pm)


Castello di Borghese Vineyard & Winery - CUTCHOGUE - Vineyard Tours & Wine Tastings Every Thursday & Sunday at 1pm & FREE Jazz Every Saturday (2-4p) with Marguerite Volonts


Jamesport Vineyards JAMESPORT -Live Music from 1-4pm every Fri, Sat & Sun


Martha Clara Vineyards - RIVERHEAD - Live Music every weekend


Palmer Vineyards - RIVERHEAD - Live Music every Sat (12-4).


Pindar Vineyards  - PECONIC  - Live Music Every Saturday (1-5pm)


Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard - BAITING HOLLOW - Music every Sat & Sun from (2-6)


Paumanok Vineyards - RIVERHEAD - Fresh, Local Oysters (2-5pm) every Sat & Sun starting Memorial Day through September