56 MHz Cryomodule Program Informational Session

Large Conference Room of Building 911B
Wednesday, 01/19/11
0930 to 1630 (9:30am to 4:30pm)


The PPT links are Microsoft PowerPoint files.  Choose the PDF version if you can't view the PPT file.

#1 Overall Review of RHIC Layout and Schedule (9:30) G. McIntyre PPT      PDF
#2 Testing and Performance Goals (10:00) Q. Wu PPT      PDF
#3 Cavity & Helium Vessel Design (10:30) C. Pai PPT      PDF
  #3A Cavity Fabrication Update   G. McIntyre PPT      PDF
#4 Cavity Tuner Design   C. Pai PPT      PDF
#5 Cryomodule Subsystem Designs      
  Support System   C. Pai PPT      PDF
  Shielding   C. Pai  
#6 Vacuum Vessel   C. Pai PPT      PDF
LUNCH BREAK 12:00 - 1:00    
#7 HOM Damper Design & Fabrication (1:00) S. Bellavia PPT      PDF
#8 Fundamental Damper Design & Fabrication   S. Bellavia  
#9 Fundamental Power Coupler Design   S. Bellavia  
#10 Vacuum System & Instrumentation (2:00) M. Mapes PPT      PDF
#11 IR Detector (2:15) B. Sheehy PPT      PDF
#12 -13 Cavity Processing Tooling Design (2:30) C. Pai PPT      PDF
  String Assembly Tooling Design   C. Pai  
#14 Cryogenic System – RHIC Tie-in (3:15) R. Than PPT      PDF
  #15 Cryogenic Instrumentation (3:30) T. Tallerico  
#16 RHIC Integration (4:00) C. Pai (A) PPT      PDF
  McIntyre (B) PPT      PDF
Session Ends (4:30)