RHIC Retreat 2002

March 5-7, 2002


The 2002 RHIC Retreat will be held

Tuesday, March 5th through Thursday, March 7th

at Gurney’s Inn located in Montauk, Long Island


Overall Agenda          Retreat Goals          Steering Group Meetings


Tuesday, March 5th - Morning

Opening Session

F. Pilat



Wednesday, March 6th – Morning

Machine Reliability

M. Brennan - D. Bruno


Thursday. March 7th – Morning

Machine Experiments & Diagnostics

W. Fischer – P. Cameron


Tuesday, March 5th – Afternoon

Machine Performance

T. Satogata – L. Ahrens



Wednesday, March 6th – Afternoon

Machine Integration

A. Drees – J. Van Zeijts


Thursday, March 7th – Afternoon

Closing Session





F. Pilat

Performance Planning

T. Roser

Machine Performance

L. Ahrens,

T. Satogata

Machine Reliability

M. Brennan,

D. Bruno

Machine Integration

A.  Drees,

J. Van Zeijts

Beam Experiments & Diagnostic

P. Cameron,

W. Fischer

Retreat Summary

F. Pilat





Attendance is by invitation only, in order for the discussion groups to be small, open, and direct. See the list of invitees



Registration for the retreat will be held on Monday, March 4th, at Gurney’s Inn in the Lobby from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.  Dinner will follow at 7:30 pm in the Sea Grille Dining Room. 


Registration Form


View list of current registrations






A Full Buffet Breakfast will be served daily from 7:00 – 8:30 am in the Caffé Monte


Lunch will be served from 12:00 – 2:00pm in the Caffé Monte


Dinner will be served at 7:30 pm in the Sea Grille Dining Room




Due to the low interest in bus transportation car pooling is suggested.




·       All double occupancy room* charges will be covered by a binding contract between Brookhaven National Laboratory and Gurney’s. 

·       Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included (drinks are not included). 

·       No per diem will be given or reimbursed to lab employees since no out of pocket expenses will be incurred. 

·       Petty cash vouchers will be used to reimburse mileage (if an individual chooses to use their own car), after the retreat.

·       Phone calls and other miscellaneous expenses other than what is mentioned above will be the sole responsibility of the guest.


*Single occupancy rooms are available for an extra cost to the individual, see Mary Campbell for details. 




Directions to Gurney’s Inn can be found at:




Retreat Dinner


A retreat dinner will be organized for Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm in the Sea Grille Dining Room.