C-AD Accelerator R&D Division

Superconducting RF Group

Group Headed By: Sergey Belomestnykh

This web site presents information on the Superconducting Accelerator and RHIC Electron Cooling Group, which is in the Accelerator R&D Division of the Collider-Accelerator Department of Brookhaven National Laboratory. Work is supported mainly by the Division of Nuclear Physics of the US Department of Energy.

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The meeting was a specific collaboration meeting, by invitation only, for two critical issues related to the electron cooling of RHIC; non-magnetized electron cooling of high-energy hadron beams and photoinjector design for the needed high-charge, high-brightness beam.

The Mission of the Superconducting RF Group

This group is charged with the physics, design and construction of RHIC superconducting RF accelerators and eRHIC. This includes the design of SRF hardware as well as the construction and testing. SRF subsystems are the Photo-cathode gun, novel photo-cathodes, the high current super-conducting cavity, SRF Energy Recovery Linac, RHIC SRF storage cavity at 56 MHz, SRF polarized electron guns and LHC crab cavity R&D.

In order to verify out design we will build a smaller Energy Recovery Linac outside the RHIC accelerator. This machine will have a maximum energy of 22 MeV and will support a beam current of 0.5 Amperes.

Research Projects and Activities