RHIC AP EXperiments Run-13

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Last updated: 10/11/2013 


List of Beam Experiment Proposals


AP Experiments Run-1

Beam Experiment Proposal Form

Beam Ex Workshop 2002

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Beam Ex Workshop 2003

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RHIC Run-13

Beam Ex Workshop 2004

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Scheduling Physicist

APEX Workshop 2005

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CERN Courier article   APEX Team

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AEAC priorities Run-10

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RHIC Beam Experiments Policy

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APEX Sessions

APEX elogs

APEX Results

March 27 2013


BBA BBB Damper Phase Measurement/Correction 3rd Res. Correction Spin Flipper

April 10 2013


Store Optics Measurement BTF Ramp Optics

April 24 2013


Impedence Studies Ramp Optics BTF Beam-Beam Studies

May 1 2013


Collimator Studies Impedence Measurements Longitudinal Impedence Studies

May 15 2013


June 5 2013


Low Energy Proton Development


Send comments to Caitlin Harper, charper@bnl.gov, x5249.

Last updated:10/11/2013